Camera Disaster


Well it’s official i am going to throttle my dearly beloved today! I have had a fab day of doing little projects and articles for my blog i hae gone to upload all my photos and someone has put the USB wire in a safe place and can’t remember where! So i am not a happy bunny tonight and for some unknown reason my phone wont upload the either so the operation is a bit of a bust! I promise it won’t all just be words on here ;-( I had some fab style boards and bits n bobs to upload. Ah well new day tomorrow and hopefully it will bring the missing wire back into my life.

Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend everyone and have a fab, productive week.

Love Tori xxx

Bad times!


Well my plans fell through to go to Nottingham so i decided to retire to the tub with lit candles and the latest Glamour Mag to get my fill of fashion and all things gorgeous, every month my need list grows and things i thought i needed last month are replaced. I did however in a fit of madness decide to purchase the silver Chanel CC quilted lambskin pumps as i convinced myself i needed them to go with my new bag. So for this month i have reached and beached my spending limit and now i will just have to admire everyone else’s amazing styles and hit the good old charity shops for a rummage and hopefully find a vintage bargain or two. 


I think i am going to make a montage of all the things i have been perusing and falling in love with over the past week or so for tomorrow and style a few looks up.


Have sweet dreams and a fab weekend love Tori xxx

Waiting for my new baby!


It’s at this time of year every gal needs to start thinking about treating themselves to some new bits and bobs, i mean the sun is starting to shine and were all feeling a bit brighter about attacking the day and what were going to wear to do it as we shed the winter layers gradually and emerge into the Spring butterfly’s were dying to be. In anticipation of good weather and a holiday not yet booked i have purchased a gorgeous Chanel clear chain strap beach style bag trimmed in metalic silver whics is bang on trend for S/S. Iv’e been extra naughty and also bought myself the Louis Vuitton Manhattan bag which i have adored for a few years and have now decided i neeeeed it in my life for everyday it is a gorgeous practical and classically understated bag.

Been on line looking around and i am loving how bright everything is and i’m also loving the metalics creaping it too I have never been afraid to wear loud and fun pieces, so my excitement at the latest collections is as bad as a child’s at xmas! I am hitting Nottingham on Friday with my camera to see how others are taking the Spring styles and making them there own. Also i will be using my best friend as a guinea pig and styling her up hair, make up nails the lot 😉 Were going to have lots of fun i can’t wait as it’s been way too long since i have had time with her doing what we used to do every weekend when we shared a house together. There is nothing better than beauty and fashion to bring friends together. Anyways i am off to sleeps now as it is 3am and i’m up in 6 hrs!! So ni nite all stay stylish love Tori xxxx

Hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-)


Well almost a month later and i eventually have my baby back! How i have missed you! And how i have missed my blog! I am glad to be back to normality.
I shall properly start re posting tomorrow but i just thought i would swing by and say hello to you all.
I am doing a street style in Nottingham on Friday around Waterfront and the station im so excited to get out and pap people eventually.

Stay stylish loev n hugs Tori xxx

Laptop still poorly!


Helllooooo all,


What a mad week it’s been, still no laptop back and iv’e been stuck indoors due to a motor accident so i have been livin ig my pj’s and have been nowhere so not much to report really as i have been in too much pain to go anywhere. Hope your all enjoying NYFW! I have not been able to follow it as much as i would of liked due to only finding the charger for my spare laptop today ;-( Anyways bare with me and i shall be back on form soon! Stay Stylish love Tori xxx

Spring styling ;-)


I have been scouring a few websites and have fallen in love with ASOS and the mix of highstreet and designer items. I’m especially loving the Vivienne Westwoob heart tee featured in my style board. Ive gone for Nautical chique with reds and blues with a aqua twist. I have something lurking it the wardrobe that i can style this look too. Hope you like it and your having a fab Sunday. Love Tori xxx

Laptop Down!


Not had a chance to do anything today as my main laptop has died, very sad times as i had loads of fun things to upload to my blog! I shall re do all the fab features and hopefully get them up loaded tomorrow. Right now i am going to curl up and watch a dvd with my dearly beloved. Stay stylish Tori xxx